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Posted by Tiki on June 15, 2009 at 12:50 AM

The Buddha on solitude:

" There are, Migajala, forms cognizable by the eye that are desirable, lovely, agreeable, pleasing, sensually enticing, tantalizing.  If a bhikkhu seeks delight in them, welcomes them, and remains holding to them, delight arises.  When there is delight, there is infatuation.  When there is infatuation, there is bondage.  Bound by the fetter of delight, Migajala, a bhikkhu is called one dwelling with a partner......"

"Migajala, even though a bhikkhu who dwells thus resorts to forest and groves, to remote lodgings where there are few sounds and little noise, desolate, hidden from people, appropriate for seclusion, he is still called one dwelling  with a partner.  For what reason? Because craving is his partner, and he has not abandoned it, therefore he is called one dwelling with a partner."

Categories: Contentment vs. Bondage to Desires

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