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Subconscious Dream, Conscious Dream, Superconscious Dream, Awakening

Posted by Tiki on April 10, 2009 at 3:40 PM


Present Mode of Living :  Conscious Dream

Conscious Mind
Faculties- Analysis , Assessment, Inference, Cognition, Visualization
Motives- Attention, Recognition, Expression, Learning, Desire, Will, Choice, Decision

  Subconscious Mind
Faculties- Emotion, Pleasure and Pain, Instincts, Desires & Wishes, Moods
Motives- Need, Attachment, Conditional Love, Fleeting Joy, Resentment, Anger, Pain, Fear, Guilt, Sadness


Faculties- Conditioning, Habit Patterns, Belief, Memories, Ego Identity

Motives- Defense, Security, Status & Prestige, Accumulation, Being Admired, Being Right, Power, Influence, Ownership


Various Frequencies of Vibration: : Levels Of Superconscious Dreams



Faculties- Divine Love, Joy, Peace, Divine Light, Salvation, Lifting, Healing, Teaching, Protection, Comfort

Motives- Unconditional Love, Redeeming and Forgiving, Blessing and Healing, Inner Guidance, Protecting and Comforting

I Am ( Individual Consciousness )
Faculties- Existence, Being, Awareness, Knowing, Wisdom, Truth, Serenity, Teaching, Protection
Motives- Tranquility and Beingness, Realizing Inner Truth, Knowing " I AM THAT I AM", Expressing Divine Destiny, Strength , Authority, Dominion.


Faculties- Oneness or wholeness, Holiness, Bliss, Glory, Splendor, Power, God - Presence

Motives- Infinite Light and Love, Being One With Spirit, Unification with God, Devotion and Surrender.

Note: This vibrational frequency can come at any stage of development, ie. before or after you are fully established in cosmic consciousness.

COSMIC ( Universal Consciousness)

Faculties- Cosmic, galactic, Omnipotence, Omniscience, Infinity, Eternity, Unboundedness,

Motives- Expansion, All-pervasiveness, Embodying the Cosmos


Faculties- Formless, Nameless, Attributless, Indivisible, Eternal Bliss, Transcendental

Motives- Perfection, Uninvolved witness of creation, Radiance 

AWAKENING ( Anatta / non-self )

During the encounter between Buddha , Brahma and Mara , the Buddha explains how even beings in the Brahma realm are still subject to rebirth on earth after some eons. There is a 'state' beyond all superconscious dreaming, and that is Awakening.

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