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Where Does Inner Chatter Resides ?

Posted by Tiki on April 18, 2009 at 1:05 PM

" Awareness is the process of cittas experiencing objects. For a citta to arise it must have an object ( The object may be a color, sound, smell, taste, something tangible, or a MENTAL OBJECT. Strictly speaking a mental object can be an internal phenomenon, such as a feeling, a thought, or an idea.The union of the object, the door or sense faculty, and the consciousness is called "contact" (phassa). There can be no awareness without contact. For contact to occur all three components must be present ? object, door, and consciousness. If one is missing there will be no contact. 
When the mind is not experiencing objects through the five sense doors ? the eye, ear, nose, tongue, and body ? it can still be active through the "mind door," taking as its object either something previously experienced through the five sense doors, recently or long ago, or some idea or image peculiar to itself. Past experiences are registered in the life-continuum (bhava"nga) in a subliminal form, where from time to time they can surface through the mind-door to serve as objects for the citta. Kammically active cittas can follow this mental activity, and here again the practice of mindfulness ? that is, being aware that there is thinking ? will prevent the arising of unwholesome causative cittas. On the other hand, if mindfulness is absent there can be unwholesome mental activity, such as longing for things of the past, worry, remorse, regret, grudge, and doubt."

According to the above extract, the contact between the 3 factors below and perception create what we experience as inner chatter. With the mental object being memories from the subconscious mind. 

* mind-base  

* mind object( past experiences, memories registered in the subconscious mind,     something previously experienced through the five sense doors, recently or long ago, or some idea or image peculiar to itself) 

* consciousness ( an aspect of citta) 


PERCEPTION  ( pre-conceived notions , association, judgement, etc)

FEELING ( pleasant, unpleasant, neutral)


= inner chatter ( or any other defilements such as greed, ill will, delusion, etc)

The Arising of Cittas

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