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Dependent Origination

Posted by Tiki on April 24, 2009 at 4:47 PM

According to the Buddha, " From delusion as condition, volitional formations [come to be]; from volitional formations as condition, consciousness; from consciousness as condition, name-and -form; from name-and-form as condition, the six sense bases; from the six sense bases as condition, contact; from contact as condition, feeling; from feeling as condition, craving; from craving as condition, clinging; from clinging as condition, existence; from existence as condition, birth; from birth as conditon, aging-and-death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, displeasure, and despair come to be.  Such is the origin of this whole mas of suffering."

Note: The 5 hindrances ( desire, aversion or ill will, restlessness, doubt, sloth and torpor) cloud the mind , therefore blocking jhana and wisdom / insight. Delusion/ ignorance ( the first link of the 12 factors of dependent origination) remains. Therefore, the overcoming of the 5 hindrances is helpful.. And the two main hindrances are desire and aversion.


1.  IGNORANCE (avijja)- Not knowing:  dukkha, the origin of suffering (desire) , cessation of suffering(abandoning desires), the way leading to the cessation of suffering( Noble 8 Fold Path). In short , it is not being able to penetrate/ directly experience the Four Noble Truth.

2. VOLITIONAL FORMATION ( sankhara, samskara in sanskrit, one of the 5 aggregates) - There are three kinds of volitional formations: the bodily volitional formation, the verbal volitional formation, the mental volitional formation. These are actions of body, speech and mind, which are accompanied by will ( cetana) ; and it is this kamma which gives rise to future rebirth or ' rebirth according to sahkhara'.  Certain beings arise in different realms according to their actions of body, speech or mind. These actions and reactions ( conditioned response)  can either be meritorious, demeritorious, and in- between.


3.CONSCIOUSNESS ( Pali vinnana, Skt. vijnana, one of the 5 aggregates) ,  - the "knower"


Name : feeling, perception( one of the 5 aggregates, Pali sanna), volition (cetana), contact (phassa), attention (manasikara)

Form:  (rupa, one of the 5 aggregates): the 4 elements and the forms derived from them.


5.6 SENSE BASES- The eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind. These are called the six sense bases.

6.CONTACT- when sense organs and an object come into contact, awareness of the object arises. The combination of these 3 factors is contact.

7. FEELING   (vedana, one of the 5 aggregates, Pleasant , Unpleasant, Neutral ) - arises as a result of contact

8.CRAVING- arises due to feeling

9. CLINGING- attachment arises due to craving

10.BECOMING ( bhava)- There are 3 kinds of existence:

The sense-sphere (kamaloka): The worlds dominated by the five senses.  They are the human realm, the animal realm, the realm of ghosts, the hell realms and the deva realms up to right below the brahma realm.

The form-sphere ( rupaloka): The silent worlds wherein one exists in the jhana states. They begin with the brahma realm and several other realms of 3 higher jhanas.

The formless-sphere (arupaloka): realms of the immaterial attainments

The Buddha gives the simile of plants growing, with kamma as the field, and consciousness as the seed, which is fed by the moisture of craving to explain how bhava is a cause for rebirth (jati).


Thus,for beings who are blinded by ignorance and fettered by craving, there is the establishment of the consciousness in this lower realm, in the hinadhatu (ie. the realms dominated by the five senses), (and so forth for the two higher realms of existence). Thus there is in the future more existence (punabbhava), rebirth (abhinibbatti)".

11. BIRTH-" the arising in the human realm of a being in the womb"

12. SUFFERING- aging and death, sorrow , lamentation, pain, displeasure, despair,

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